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Custom Character animation trigger

Not sure if this is the correct place.

I'm fairly new to AC and it's working out great so far. I'm working entirely in 2d right now and I have a character walking around a navmesh and it's working great. What I need to do now is play a certain character animation in a certain area. In this case there's a very narrow part of the navmesh that is the stairs. I need to trigger the character to play a certain animation while he walks down the stairs area and another as he walks up. Not quite sure how I can accomplish this.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


  • You should start by using hotspots/triggers.  Then create an actionlist where you choose 'Character" as the action type and then choose 'play animation'

    I'm not looking at AC right now so I'm trying to go from memory but i think that's close enough if not exact. 

  • For future record, this belongs in the Technical Q&A category.

    Do you mean for the stair animations to play in a cutscene, or for the walking animation to change?  In both cases, you'll want to use the Character: Animate Action, as @Jackyboy's pointed out.  You can play a complete animation for a cutscene by setting the method to Play Custom, and amend the walking animation by setting it to Set Standard.
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