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Bug: inventory item cursor selected on new scene load

Hey there,

I noticed something strange when testing my game - whenever I load in a new level, the cursor label starts off saying "Use On", and I have to right-click to get it back to normal. My inventory cursor is set to "when inventory selected: Change Hotspot Label", however I have no active inventory or even any existing inventory items.

This only happens when loading a new scene from a running scene, when I start a scene 'cold' by pressing the Play button everything works fine. It stops happening when I change the setting to "when inventory selected: Change Cursor", but it's still weird that it somehow auto-selects the inventory cursor when changing scenes. Is that a bug somewhere in the AC machinery do you think?


  • This may have already been fixed in 1.32.  Please wait for the update and see if that solves it.
  • Unfortunately 1.32 doesn't solve this issue.
  • Have you got "drag and drop inventory" turned on?
  • I had not. Tried it with it turned on and it seems that the problem doesn't occur anymore then.
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