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User Interface: Life is Strange style.



So I played Life is Strange, and I fell in love with the User Interface. Would be great if we could get a plugin version of it for Adventure Creator.

Has anyone else played Life is Strange yet? Any thoughts?


  • Nice to see you around this side, @ThatNorthbridge ;)
    It shouldn't be too hard to code.  Don't know if this would be the most efficient way, but it could be a script on the player that calculates how near it is to any object with the tag hotspot, and when the distance is small enough, you display the text or image or whatever above the hotspot transform. 
    Maybe someone here would give you a more elegant idea? 
  • This is probably something the new GUI tools in Unity 4.6+ should let you do since its more based around the 3D space than the old GUI system.

  • I also would like to do something in this direction but I am struggling currently. What I have is a Third Person Camera. Spin and pitch are controlled with the mouse. Movement is through arrow keys. Cursor is locked to center. When I approach a hotspot, it is highlighted. 

    But how do I go from here? Since the mouse is controlling the camera I cannot use the cursor to select an interaction. That is the reason why Life is Strange is doing the following:
    • left click stops moving the camera
    • cursor is centered in interaction UI
    • holding left mouse button and moving the mouse moves the cursor inside the interaction area
    • releasing the cursor activates the action
    How would this be done in AC? Is it even possible with reasonable effort? Any ideas and help are highly appreciated.

    Interesting side problem: when using the mouse to spin and rotate the camera on a two monitor system left clicking can accidentally happen on the second monitor which will leave the game and task switch to the desktop. How can the cursor be confined inside the monitor the game is running on?
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    Are you using the very latest release?  It should have taken some steps towards keeping the mouse cursor within the game window.

    To recreate a unique interaface like Life Is Strange's completely, you'd need to write a fully custom solution.  Section 12.7 of the manual should provide you with the main functions and variable's you need - including a way to read the currently-active Hotspot.

    To stop moving the camera, you may want to disable regular AC Input completely when the player left-clicks - you can run an Engine: Manage systems Action to do this.

    To enable your Interaction menu(s) through script (assuming a Hotspot is active), use the following function:

    KickStarter.playerMenus.SetInteractionMenus (true);

    (And call again with *false* to turn them off again).

    The Interaction menu(s) will be enabled and set with the appropriate icons according to the active Hotspot.  If your game uses Unity UI, you may have to have a custom script on that as well to read button-releases as regular clicks.
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