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Version 1.42 ActionList "Start Delay" bug

Just a heads up, after updating to 1.42 the "start delay" function in my actionlists seem to be not functional. Meaning, if I had a start delay of 1 second, before 1.42 that would work fine and 1 second would pass before the actionlist was run, but now after 1.42 it seems to skip the delay. Perhaps this has to do with the new "run in parallel" function.

Either way, an easy fix is just using an "engine: pause game" action at the beginning of the action list, but I thought I would report the bug.


  • Please do - it's important to report these, and you're right about the parallel function being the likely cause - the ActionList code had to be re-written to support it.

    How are you triggering the ActionList?
  • I am triggering the actionlist through a "run cutscene" function at the end of another action in another actionlist.
  • Also I should mention that either updated from 1.41a to 1.42 or Unity 4.6.1 to 4.6.2f1 has altered my NavMesh segments so that the mesh collider components act as actual colliders instead of trigger colliders. I had to tick the "Is trigger" box on all of them to fix this. 
  • Good spot, thanks.
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