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1.32 bugs: Interaction icons no longer working (choose interaction then hotspot)

1.32 seems to have introduced a few major bugs, one of which was the name of the Runtimevariables script that I brought up in the release thread. 

Another one is that interaction elements in any menu no longer work at all, at least in choose interaction then hotspot mode. I click on my interaction element (look at, for instance) in the interaction drop down menu, but the cursor does not change to the look at cursor as it did previously to 1.32. Nothing at all happens in fact. Right clicking still works fine, but that is not an ideal solution (some people don't always use mice with two buttons). I've looked over what was changed in the interaction element, cursor manager, and player cursor scripts but I have no clue what change could have caused this.

Another thing I've noticed is that the restart game function in the end game action now completely crashes the Unity editor. That might be a case unique to my project because some wacky things have been happening with my restart function to begin with. I might look into making a new action solely dedicated to restarting the game, which saves a state of the game as soon as it is started up, and refers to that save to perform the restart function.


  • Thought I'd add one. Doesn't seem to have broken anything, but since updating to 1.32 I get the console error below:
    PersistentEngine has no GlobalVariables component attached.
    KickStarter:Awake() (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Game engine/KickStarter.cs:153)

  • The interaction but I described gave me an idea- 

    Normally in choose interaction then hotspot mode, the cursors cycle with a right click. I notice that this is done via the playercursor.cs script here :

    if (stateHandler.gameState == GameState.Normal && settingsManager.interactionMethod == AC_InteractionMethod.ChooseInteractionThenHotspot &&
    playerInput.buttonPressed == 2 && cursorManager && cursorManager.cycleCursors)
    CycleCursors ();

    For one, is there any reason why this input can't be changed along with others in the input manager? Because there is no way to change the cursor to "walk" without right clicking, and because some people who have been testing my game don't have mice (mouses?) with two buttons, it would make a lot of sense to allow a different key to cycle through cursors, such as the space button for instance.

    It seems to me that this would be very easily done in the script above, but I am pretty terrible with scripting so I'm not sure how exactly to add that in there. I want to have the space button cycle cursors in addition to the right mouse button, if that can be done.
  • Fixed for 1.33.
  • Thanks, Chris!

    Also, just in case anyone is curious, I figured out a way to use the space button to cycle cursors- in the playercursor.cs script, after line 145, add- 

    else if (stateHandler.gameState == GameState.Normal && settingsManager.interactionMethod == AC_InteractionMethod.ChooseInteractionThenHotspot &&
    Input.GetKeyDown ("space") && cursorManager && cursorManager.cycleCursors)
    CycleCursors ();

    A lot easier than I thought it would be!
  • Thanks, but no need: in 1.33, "CycleCursors" is a valid Input axis and listed in the Settings Manager.  You can tie it to whichever key you like, that way.  Right click is still valid, too.
  • Ah, well thank you then! I guess coding experience is never a waste, so I didn't QUITE waste my time!
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