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Check movement/running state?

I'd like to set up an actionlist or playmaker FSM which drains a "stamina" variable while the player is running. There doesn't seem to be a way currently to "check" the movement state of player as far as I'm aware, and that would be all I would need to work this out. By that I mean I need to figure out a simple way of checking whether or not the player is moving at all. 

After that, I can just disable "double-click to run" and only toggle running via an actionlist, which can then set a variable and run another actionlist which subtracts stamina and loops, but only during movement.

Alternatively a "check movement" and "check walk/run" would be even more helpful as it would simplify the process as well as allow the double-click running method to remain.

Has anyone found a way to do either of these things? Any ideas? Thanks!


  • The "charState" enum on Players and NPCs changes between Idle, Move, and Decelerate when moving.  You can read it with:


    And a boolean check for whether the player is running:

  • Thanks, I'll see if I can work with that!
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