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Unity 5 Legacy animation

I can't seem to get legacy animations to play - I think the animations are handled in 5 are a bit different perhaps? 

The AnimationClip 'Anim_ElevatorLift' used by the Animation component 'Lift' must be marked as Legacy.
UnityEngine.Animation:AddClip(AnimationClip, String)
AC.AdvGame:AddAnimClip(Animation, Int32, AnimationClip, AnimationBlendMode, WrapMode, Transform) (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Static/AdvGame.cs:590)
AC.AdvGame:PlayAnimClip(Animation, Int32, AnimationClip, AnimationBlendMode, WrapMode, Single, Transform, Boolean) (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Static/AdvGame.cs:628)
AnimEngine_Legacy:ActionAnimRun(ActionAnim) (at Assets/AdventureCreator/Scripts/Animation/AnimEngine_Legacy.cs:750)


  • I was able to get the animation to work fine in mecanim. I've only ever used that for characters. Guess it works fine for objects as well :D
  • Did you do as the first line suggested and mark the animation as Legacy?  If you need a reference for playing Legacy animations, the 3D Demo's made with nothing but.
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