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I successfully followed the QTE tutorial - I can't for the lift of me figure a smart way of implementing more inputs, with different images.


  • I'll have to write a third QTE tut at some point, but know that the QTE action is fully compatible with parameters - the linked menu, duration and input key can also be set to different values each time it's run.

    Just like function parameters in code, action parameters let you run common tasks with different variables / fields.  If you have a lot of QTEs, you may want to place your QTE Action in an ActionList asset, give it some parameters, so that you can call it (and set the parameters each time) whenever you want with the Engine: Run ActionList Action.  If you used this same Action to call your win/lose Cutscenes as well, you could parameterise them, too.

    Something like this:


    A tutorial on parameters can be found here.
  • Hey Chris,

    Thank you for this! 

    Also - while I have you here. I'm trying to setup the headturn to face objects/hotspots etc in mecanim. I tried following the manual, but can't seem to set it up. 

    Thanks again.

  • You have to define "Head yaw" and "Head pitch" parameters both in your Mecanim FSM and the Player's inspector.  When head turning is enabled, AC will affect these float parameters based on the angle the head should be facing - you'll then have to add animations to your FSM to accomodate them.
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    How do we setup those animations? Where the idle will continue to play, but the head will move. 
  • Likely they'll need to be on a separate layer, but I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to Mecanim.
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