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Hi Chris, 

hope you could enter some SPAM filtering in the forum. The last days we are receiving lots of SPAM mails, so I think it's worth the investment to add something to stop this

Thanks in advance


  • A thousand times THIS.

    From looking, Vanilla has options to combat this:

    Not sure if the spam is getting round these in any way but I don't see a way here to 'report' the spam. It would be nice if it took care of itself/automated if a spambot user/ip was identifiable even by our manual 'report'. Spam can be a pain to filter out without accidentally killing non-spam sometimes tho. :/
  • It's becoming seriously unbearable now!
  • I solved with a filter in gmail, but that's not the real solution
  • You mean spam PMs?  I was only aware of the occasional discussion, which I ban as soon as I see.

    I've already installed a number of spam filters in the back-end, but they've so far not been terribly effective.  I'll have a look at that link - thanks @Xidore.
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