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Rotating Player in-game

I'm prototyping a 2D game that gives a sense of 3D space through camera transitions and set piece placement. In the example below, the hallway is the transition piece between the two rooms and the camera successfully moves into a rotated position, creating the effect that I'm after, but I can't get the player prefab to play along. Outside of AC, I would just temporarily rotate the player 90 on the z-axis, but this doesn't seem to work when I do it in AC, in addition to the fact that I can't find a way of affecting the in-game player, only permanently modifying the prefab via the Object:Transform action. Am I missing something - is there an easier way of doing this?



  • I'm not following what your intended effect is.  The hallway looks like it's viewed top-down, but that would involve rotating the player in the X-axis.  Is that what you meant? 

    You'll likely have to make a second player prefab for that section of gameplay.  In the Settings Manager, set Player switching to Allow, and then you can define another Player prefab (with the rotation set the way you want) and use the Player: Switch Action to swap one out for the other.
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