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First Person Camera, Mouse Movement, and Alt key.

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So here's my problem. When I'm in first person mode, I can only get the CursorHorizontal and CursorVertical to work after hitting the alt key. I want the Player's head to move back and forth with the mouse, but can't quite figure it out other than hitting alt. I hope I'm making a dumb mistake somewhere. 


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    I discovered it was the "Toggle Cursor" that is set up in the input panel. However, is there a way to remove the need for this so the head always turns? Also, it seems that no matter what parameters I put into the values in the input panel, the mouse movement is never quite enough. In other words, in order to turn my player with the mouse, I have to keep dragging my mouse in either direction multiple times, as it's extremely slow and cumbersome. I'm certain it's a setting, just can't find it yet.
  • You can set the default state of the Toggle Cursor with the Lock cursor on game start? option in the Settings Manager.

    The First Person Camera script component has it's own values for free-aim sensitivity - try altering those than the Inputs themselves.
  • Thanks Chris, I'll have a go.
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