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Inventory & Item Questions

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So I was wondering if is it possible to pick objects from our inventory and drag & drop them on the character so character can interract with it.

Just like in this scene


In which we take a bubble gum and use it on our selves to create a flying bubble gum.


  • El pollo diablo!!! LOL!
    Sorry, OT but I' can't resist... 

    I think it's a great idea to implement this. Because this could be a trick to examine inventory items without using the right mouse button. I mean for the web build... if you press the right button in the browser will appear the unity web player options... not so cool.
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    It's really a clasic :)

    Well there is a work around for that actually. I 've recently changed my "Interraction Method:" to "Choose hotspot and than Interraction". This will take care of the mouse buttons issue since all the interractions are done with left click.

    Later on , change the Interraction Menu at Menu Settings as such that element orientation will "Appaer at Cursor and Freeze". So now once you click on a hotspot, if you add any Interraction to the items, they will appear as options that you can select with your left mouse click.

    Just like Monkey Island. :)

    Now the only thing thats missing is to use Items on Character just like the example
  • This actually opens up many other doors when you come to think of it. I'm currently working on general UI design and have been thinking how to hide most of the buttons i provide.

    Maybe, we can trigger menus simply by clicking on character. Not just Inventory but make character as a whole a hotspot.with different Interractions.

    This is really a great idea over all.

    Edit: Well adding hotspot script to the character doesnt help :P ehehhe. Chris hope this suggestion wont sound crazy over all.
  • Not a crazy idea, but it'll need a crazy solution.  This won't work at the moment, because Interactions are scene based, so once a Player leaves the room any Interactions linked to his Hotspot will be gone.

    Idea noted, will have a think.

    @2finger: You can disable the Context Menu in WebPlayer builds from the Build Settings.
  • Tx Chris, found it!  :)
  • Hey Chris.
    So any news on whether this is being developed or not?

  • The Hotspot inspector was recently upgraded to allow Actionlist asset files to be used, rather than scene-based Interaction objects.  Does that make it possible?
  • I assume it would; if it will allow us to interact directly with the character.
    Can we use items on character?

    Also im using "choose hotspot than interaction". Can we also use that on inventory items? (like in Monkey Island)
  • Try it!  Put your Player prefab's layer on Default and give him a Hotspot script.

    As for inventory interactions: in your Settings Manager, look for Inventory settings: you can set your Inventory interactions to Multiple.  This will make Inventory items require the Interaction menu, when in Choose Hotspot Then Interaction mode.
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