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16:9 aspect ratio on iPad

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Quick question.

I originally made my game in Adventure Creator in 16:9 aspect ration for iPhone 5. I'm trying my game on the iPad and now the side parts of the game are missing.

I played with the Force Aspect Ratio option but haven't quite understood the function yet.

Is there a simple way to force 16:9 format even on the iPad so basically you have a letterbox top and bottom?

Temporarily I have set the resolution in Player settings to iPhone but this stretches the content to fit the screen.

Hope you can help!


  • Ok I've done some more research and I'm officially stumped.

    As I understand it the Orthographic camera when it changes aspect ratio only changes the width of the camera and not the height.

    I'm not sure this problem maybe beyond the scope of Adventure creator but basically I have a 2D scene with a door on either side (a picture basically). This renders fine in 16:9. But if you switch to 4:3 for iPad the doors on either side are missing.

    Also I cannot created top and bottom borders using the Force Aspect Ratio option in Camera settings as I assume this is because of the Orthographic camera.

    If someone has an idea of how to overcome this then I'd be very grateful. I've personally hit a brick wall after scouring Google for some inspiration. Bar creating separate games - which I don't think Apple allows any more.

  • You can't set more than one aspect ratio in the Settings Manager.  Are you talking about having different ratios for when in landscape/portrait modes?  Would being able to set the aspect ratio for each mode solve the problem?
  • image

    Hopefully this image illustrates the problem I'm having. I'm making a 2D game in Unity 2D mode with the orthographic camera. If I publish and design my game for the iPhone 5 then everything fits nicely ( You can clearly exit the room via the door). However publishing to the iPad causes the door to be clipped off and so the player is now stuck.

    What I'm looking for is a way to have the content fit the screen on both the iPhone and the iPad. The way I would like it would be to have a letterbox effect on the iPad showing the full width of content. But then that lead to the camera problems and getting stuck.

    Hopefully this makes things clearer. Maybe I'm even making this hard but it has me stumped at the minute.

  • This was also next in my list of "things to ask" too. I'm having the same problem when i port my game to IOS Ipad (and actually many other Android devices since there are many in different shapes). You can always force your game to stick to 16:9 aspect ratio but than there will be black bars under and above the game.

    Only logical aproach is to somehow enable camera's Horizontal Movement to unlock the camera would pan across the scene when character moves. But how can we make AC recognize this automaticly?

    I'm also following this topic regarding this problem.
  • Thanks for the illustrations.  If you were to force the aspect ratio to suit the iPhone (1.83 judging by the screenshot) AND do the same in your Game window, would that not cause correct letterboxing in the iPad version?  If not, I'd appreciate an illustration of how it displays wrongly.
  • Fixed. 1.82 seems to be the magic forced aspect number. I realise what was confusing. I was changing the aspect ratio when the game was running in the editor. Need to remember to stop the game change the aspect ratio and then play again. 

    Just tested this new setting (1.82) on the iPad and on the iPhone 5. iPad has the letter box and the iPhone 5 full screen just how I wanted it. 

    Very happy again!

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