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Feature Recommendation: Interaction Label

Nothing dire, just a feature that I think would be useful to a lot of people and probably quite easy to implement. It would be nice if interactions had a "label" field much in the same way hotspots do, which would let the designer override the text to something more contextually relevant, such as "use" becoming "push" for a button or "look at" becoming "look into" for a mirror. 

This can currently be accomplished by creating a bunch of duplicate interaction icons with different names, which can then be selected from the icon pull-down when creating an interaction, but it seems like a "label" field would be a much more user-friendly option. Just a thought...


  • edited April 2015
    The text shown in the game is taken from the Hotspot though, which can have the "pull" label, so it's not about what gets shown in the game, or did i misunderstand?
  • I see your point, but the best way really is to stick with the "Cursor Icon" method you've mentioned.  This way, it ensures you have the ability to have such labels translated, etc.
  • Ah, that's a fair point I hadn't considered. Thanks, Chris - Will stick with how I'm currently doing it then.
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