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Cursor Issue - Edge Sticking

Not sure where the problem might lie, but there seems to be an error when in either point and click or Direct mode. The mouse just seems to want to stick to the edge in Software Rendering, or replaced with a graphical error in Hardware rendering.

Any fixes or thoughts?


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    And the graphical error is?  You'll need to set your cursor texture to type "Cursor" if you use it for Hardware rendering.

    The latest version of AC prevents the mouse cursor from moving off-screen - could that be why? What's your build platform, and input method?
  • Thanks, I actually hadn't checked if there was a newer version.

    This fixed the issue! Sorry! :v
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    Apologies for resurrecting an old thread, but I've got the same problem coming up in the latest version.

    I've got the default context-sensitive mouse control scheme, and have been testing the game at two different ratios to ensure compatibility. At 1920x1080 (my own monitor size), everything works as expected, the mouse handles normally.

    At 1280x1024, the cursor sticks at the edge of the screen, but the conceptual "mouse" moves further away from the edge. Moving the cursor to the side edge, then moving up or down doesn't move the cursor. At the top, the cursor stops at the top of the screen, while the mouse moves into the black bars that are the result of the forced ratio.

    Since I'm unable to set the mouse position in Unity, is there an AC way to stop the mouse escaping the screen on forced-ratio screens?

    After a little testing, it looks like the side-sticking is happening when the resolution is not forced, as well.
  • Are you on PC or Mac, and are you relying on Hardware on Software cursors?

    I would suspect that the answer would be to switch to Hardware, which causes AC to re-style the system cursor directly.  Software mode simply places a graphic on top of where the cursor is supposed to be.
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