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Thicker font outline?

Is there a way to adjust the thickness of the font outline in AC? I'm going for a retro look, and would like to have a thicker outline for my pixellated font.


  • v1.46 will also fill in the "corners" of text outlines, as well as provide the option to scale it with your resolution, as opposed to being a constant width.

    You may find once it's released, that that'll be enough for your needs - but if not, you can adjust this manually just be tweaking a script file: AdvGame.cs

    Find the DrawTextEffect function (around line 852), and write this just inside it:

    size *= 1.5f; // Or whatever size increase you want
  • Excellent, thanks Chris!
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    Just updated to 1.46 and the new "cornered" textoutlines work great, thanks Chris!

    This is what I changed in Line 880 of AdvGame.cs:

    AdvGame.DrawTextOutline (rect, text, style, outColor, inColor, size *= 2.5f);

    Values bigger than 2.5 seem to break the outlines, though. Annoying pixel-perfection-purists (the PPP-police, so to say :D) could complain that it's still not pixel-perfect, but I'm super happy with the new outlines :) I will try to update my older projects to 1.46 as well and re-release them with the new outlines (if upgrading works ;-) )
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    I noticed this causes a bug on the iPad in 1.47. See attached image, some pieces of the outline is missing. Maybe it is related to the corner filling in the latest version?

  • I can confirm several glitches with the thicker outlines at different text sizes,but I've always found a text size where the outlines are not broken so far.
  • The corner-filling is optional.  Does this occur if you disable that option?
  • How do one disable the corner-filling option? I'll try it, but couldn't find it anywhere.
  • My mistake - it isn't optional, sorry.

    The outline effect is performed by displaying the text in black underneath - in eight directions surrounding the regular text.  The glitches are likely due to the spacing being too large

    If you open AdvGame.cs, and find the function "DrawTextOutline", you can see that the spacing distance variable (halfSize) is set to half the size of the text.  Try changing this to 0.4f, rather than 0.5f, and it may prevent the glitch.
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