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Cannot make prefab from any Dialogue Option / Action List / Conversation

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This is somewhat pretty important to prefab most of the game objects belonging to a scene. So multiple users can alter differents parts of the scene at the same time.  Unfortunately, any Dialogue Option I try to prefab, lose most of its information during the Prefab creation, the game object in the scene isn't affected luckily, but using revert will destroy it.

Bad luck, as we cannot advance at all until prefabs are stable. Anything committed by our designers is lost, not usable.


After checking the prefab physical file, actions have their fileid set to 0


  • It's an issue with Unity, not AC as such, that they can't be prefabbed.  Another issue is that many Actions rely on scene-based objects, and the connection will be lost if the ActionList is placed outside of the scene.

    Inventory and Menu ActionLists were created to compensate for just this fact - they are asset-based ActionLists that can exist outside a scene.  Calling them Inv/Menu ActionLists is a bit misleading (and I'll try to fix this for the next version), since they are useful for functions beyond just Inventory and Menus.

    Inside them, you can refer to scene-based objects by referencing their Constant ID number (attach the ConstantID script to an object to auto-generate a unique value).  You can then call an asset-based ActionList from the Engine: Run ActionList Action.
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    I beg your pardon but why are actions inheriting from ScriptableObject? It seems to be the cause of lost serialization.

    I finally got your answer,
    Now there's the thing, the ActionList editor work when editing InScenes Action Lists, unfortunately it does not work for ActionList assets. Would it be possible to make it work for such assets too?

    Also, would it be possible to have another button for InScene Action List to convert them into assets.

    As a final question: Is it possible to have a script that can run an asset Action List, instead of having an action that can run an action list asset? Or rather, whenever having an Action List, you can specify if you want to run an Asset Action List (this would prevent the hassle of not being able to prefab) or create a new one.

    I think I may not be clear on this, as it is hard to explains.
  • Being able edit asset-based Actionlists in the editor window is a complex upgrade, but one I would like to make at some point.

    I understand your other questions, but I don't have an answer for the moment.  I will investigate your suggestions, and see if anything is possible for the upcoming update.
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