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MenuActionList creation and usage confusion

So I'm slightly confused on the best method to edit MenuActionLists. Once it's created and you have added actions, it folds out into several different assets. I can then make changes to any of the said assets, but the last one is the action list compiled into a long list where I can also make changes. I know this is probably a newb question and I apologize for that, but should we go ahead and make changes in all said assets or just the last asset that is the action list? 


  • The "foldout" behaviour is because of the way Unity handles asset groups.  It's not an ideal way of working, but they've been made aware of it and I hope they'll improve it at some point.

    You should only ever make changes to the "Actionlist" asset itself - many of the values in Actions are dependent on one another, so it's risky to go in and edit individual assets manually.
  • This is exactly what I needed to hear, thanks again!
  • edited June 2014
    Solved in 1.34. ActionLists are now one asset and you can edit them in the ActionList editor. Perfect.
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