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Bug with Multiple use interactions?

edited June 2015 in Technical Q&A
I have multiple use interactions with the same cursor (use), where only one is active at a time since using an object at different states in the game should result in different outcomes.

If I disable one use interaction the enabled one with the identical cursor afterwards will not be executed anymore. The icon is shown though correctly in the menu.

AC 1.46e



  • Shouldn't there just be one 'Use' and then take care of the options for what's been used in the 'Use' interaction?
  • That is indeed a way to solve that! Thanks for pointing it out. I would still like to continue down this path pictured above as it offers a way which depending on your use-case can be much cleaner action list wise as you don't have to pollute them with ifs.
  • There are so many options related to this method of interaction, that it could be anything.  Please post a shot of your Settings Manager, so I can see what you've set exactly.
  • Here you go! Verified that it still happens in 1.46f

  • PlayerInteraction.cs, line 631.  Change:
    if (_button.iconID == selectedCursorID)

    if (_button.iconID == selectedCursorID && !_button.isDisabled)
  • works great! thanks :-)
  • The fix did not make it into 1.46g, intention or overlooked?
  • Intentional - you will have to make the single-line amendment until 1.47 is out.
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