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Lock Menu Element

edited June 2014 in Technical Q&A
I'm able to hide and show element menus through menu: change state, but is there a way to lock/unlock menu elements? For example, a list of buttons that are connected to different cutscenes, but you have to go through the cutscenes in a sequential order. Basically, a branching page.


  • Not quite sure I follow.  Could you give a more "real case" scenario of how it'd work?
  • Sure, no problem. Basically, I have a cutscene that is currently set up as a title screen. My entire interaction takes place within one scene. I have a topic menu on the title screen cutscene that will link to 9 other cutscenes. In these 9 linked cutscenes, each is a beginning of a series of following cutscenes. Once a series of cutscenes finishes, it will link back to the original title screen cutscene. With that said, I basically need to lock all of the buttons on the menu except the first link. This will prevent the user from going out of sequence. They need to go through the cutscenes sequentially, and these menu buttons will unlock as they go. 
  • Thanks for the description, but I don't understand why you'd need to lock elements for this, when hiding/showing them would do the trick (unless I'm missing something).  When it comes to a menu, locking it basically means any regular calls to display it will be ignored. 
  • It would be nice to be able to see upcoming steps or sequences in a menu, but you just have to go through various steps first before each button is unlocked. I suppose I could just create 9 different menus consisting of 1 button each and do it that way, although slightly superfluous.
  • Creating two menus did the trick! Second menu is just labels. 
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