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Fading material option

Just like there is a simple and powerfull highlight script to be used in hotspot interaction

Would it be possible to create adapt  a "fade"/transparent option,  to be used in situations like, fading an object when it stands bettew character and camera 


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    Sprite fader component and call it in your actionlist with action object: fade ?
    Not sure it will work on 3d meshes, though.
  • Thanks for the reply

    Unfortunatly is doesnt work on a 3d mesh, If we did have a transparency toggle option for transparent material, we could use the  change material (to a transparent one) then fade its opacity on a time frame, to smoth the effect

    a raw turn around, can be just using the visibility -on/off 

    What i am trying to acomplish is an effect like, 
    When the player enters a room, 
    Some objects inicialy blink (transparency yo-yo) to warn the player that they are editable.

    the hightlight script as almost the same structure , but it uses brigthness and not transparency

  • Surely you can simply have a 3D object's transparency keyed in an animation.

    Have you tried that? It could be on the IDLE animation state and swapped to a different state if you want it to stop 'blinking'.
  • Yes that would also work Xidore

    I did manage to make it work by using a fadeinout script attached to the object, and i acess it via triggers and cutscenes (object -send message)

    But It would just be cool if AC would have this option built in, because it has similar tools , like the sprite fader, a transparent object fader would be just a step ahead 

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