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3D Inventory

Would it be possible instead of using 2D textures for the inventory to use prefabs that could then also be 3D objects (e.g. with animation scripts on them etc)? This would potentially make for an awesome inventory experience. 


  • Look into the MenuLink script - attaching it to a GameObject, and assigning a menu, element and slot number will cause clicking on it to perform the same thing as clicking on the menu itself.
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    Just to clarify I make the request a bit more specific: Would it be possible to use 3D objects as inventory items? Currently I can only assign 2D textures for them. It would also affect the drag and drop experience, item combinations etc.
  • My reply still stands: the MenuLink script allows you to link an inventory slot's functionality to a GameObject.  Getting to drag-drop would be a second step - first you just want to get items to appear as 3D objects.  The handling of the objects, i.e. showing the correct models, would need to be a custom script.
  • Thanks Chris! I will try that then. Maybe I can derive some general functionality useful for everyone while exploring. Will report back.
  • Looking to do same thing. let us know what you come up with 10Finger
  • any advance in this implementation? Anybody could make it? if it so any example o tutorial?
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