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New Action Request: Hotspot: Check Interaction

It would be really handy to have a check interaction action which evaluates to true if an interaction is enabled.


  • edited July 2015
    You mean if a certain interaction is running? I think there is an action to check if it is running.
    Otherwise I don't see the point of having it :)

    Unless you want to trigger something by refering to "if it is enabled do smth" but then there are many other ways to do it. Like when you activate your very interaction you can pass do something right there. Or disable your hotspot righ there and then refer to it.etc.

  • edited July 2015
    No. What I mean is an action to check the enabled state of an interaction. This can be a good way to not be forced to introduce variables but to simply react to the state of the hotspots.
  • I'll consider it.
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