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The Eternals - Adventure Game

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Hello fellow adventure creators! As my project slowly starts growing I thought it might be nice to share a bit of information every now and then along the way. I just released some screenshots on my dev blog. 


My goal is to have a first mini episode ready sometime in autumn to get first feedback. I am really looking forward to that first build. I totally love Unity and AC and all the possibilities those give to us indies. Keep rocking everybody!


  • Looks cool. Also, nice blog you got started there. I've been thinking about trying Articy Draft myself, so maybe now is the time to get a trial license. Not the cheapest tool out there, but you sound quite excited about it! :-)

  • One of the example projects shipping with Articy is actually an adventure game and not a small one. There they use even more advanced features to simulate combining items and testing the whole game in Articy before actually coding it. That can probably save a lot of time since you can create the whole play-through there and only when it works and feels good you invest the development time.

    I only use it for locations, items and story flows though so far.
  • I just published a new post describing how I implemented Ethan Carter-style inventory close-ups today. Might be interesting for other AClers as well.

  • Pretty neat - any chance of a short video?
  • I guess I could do that. Need to establish a video publishing and hosting process for the project anyway one day. What do others here do, custom YouTube channel? 

    You want to see the inventory inspector in action or the game?
  • Custom youtube channel - takes literally just seconds to set up.

    And yeah, would be great to see your inventory inspector live - and gameplay, as soon as you've got something to show! :-)
  • Anything entertaining, really - just arrived home after a 14-hour debugging session at the day job, so not really feeling up to working on my game project tonight ...  :-)

  • Looks really cool! Looking forward to try the first episode :) 
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