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Collison cubes or navmesh?

edited June 2014 in Technical Q&A
Hi, I was wondering for performances if is better to have the navmesh and collision cubes to avoid the environment objects or modeling the navmesh to actually avoid the objects and don't use the collision cubes?


  • The NavMesh and CollisionCubes serve different purposes.  How you use them depends on what kind of game you're making: the main choice being Point And Click or not.

    If you're making a P&C game, you generally don't need CCs (the Demo game only uses one for the floor, and even that isn't necessary if you tell your Characters to ignore gravity).  Since the player can only ever walk on the NavMesh, CCs aren't needed for the walls.

    If you're making eg a Direct-controlled game, you only need a NavMesh if you want your player to be able to pathfind / navigate around objects during cutscenes (otherwise he'll just walk in a straight line).  If you're looking to get best performance and need collisions, you could always try making a custom collision mesh - the CC prefabs themselves are really just there for convenience.  The standard rules of physics in Unity apply.
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