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[FIXED in 1.34a] Catastrophic loss of ActionList data

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A terrible thing has happened to our project. We seem to have lost a lot of ActionList data, especially actions for Triggers in a few locations in at least one of our scenes. It represents hours of work (or maybe tens of hours, haven't reviewed everything yet) so our team is quite concerned and I'm looking into it now.

Our Trigger ActionLists had 10-15 actions on them and now the affected ones have 1 action that's like a default one. In anticipation of this event, I added a script to break prefab instances. Thankfully, objects that were broken were not affected, but not all objects were broken.

One would think you could roll back a repository using version control like git, which we use. However, rolling back to a previous commit DOES NOT bring back the ActionLists. So right now I'm reimporting our whole project after deleting the Library folder to see if that works (I backed it up of course).

As to the cause, I have a theory which I'll be testing once my reimport finishes. Earlier today I was working on creating a bunch of 3d paths, and the Scene View became really cluttered with a lot of Label Icons. So I went to the AC prefabs and turned off the Label Icons on the prefabs, which turned them off for all objects in the scene (that's all I changed, nothing else). I wonder if the Prefabs getting updated reset the ActionLists. Not sure yet, but I'm about to investigate once this import finishes.


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    I have narrowed down the issue and can reproduce it! First of all, it's not a permanent loss and does in fact come back if you roll back a commit (I just had to roll back farther than expected).

    It seems like unchecking actions from the ActionsManager loses all data for that action. What happened was we have quite a few custom actions by now and the length of the list in the combo menus was getting too long, so I unchecked several actions that we don't really use to free up space. It turns out one or two of those we did use, so we lost the data for those actions.

    For projects that rely heavily on only a couple actions, such as those with PlayMaker integration, this could bring down the whole project.

    Therefore, as a safety measure don't uncheck actions in the ActionsManager!
  • At least not until I sort the issue out for you.  Sorry for the scare it gave you.
  • Fixed in 1.34a.  From now on, if a list includes an action that's since been disabled, the action's data will be replaced by a warning message, but still preserved until the action is re-enabled.
  • Thanks so much, Chris, nice work! :)

    We've done so much custom work on AC it will take a while to merge, but I think we'll get there eventually. Until then, I'm glad this is updated for other people. Seems like people don't do this much (which makes sense since you usually want to disable actions only when you've added a bunch of your own), so I'm guessing this hasn't really happened to other projects yet.
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