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Mecanim Animation Problems.


Hopefully im just missing something, hopefully!

So making a Mecanim character, I'm having some trouble. I set up like the tutorial says, and when I go to move, he either just points in the direction I want (using Direct Control) but wont move. Mashing keys, he does move, but his animation timing is all over the place.

If I turn off Root motion, he moves but the animations takes ages to catch up with him.

Second Bug, the Game Camera doesnt seem to render a preview of any meshes in the scene!

Any thoughts?


  • You probably need to uncheck the "Has exit time" option on the animations.
  • Same suggestion here.  Without any more detail of your set-up, it's not possible to give much more specific advice than that.  Please post more detail if you continue to have trouble.  Same goes for the second problem.
  • Snebjorn: That's it! You get the cookie!

    Now I just need to figure out why theres a delay for him to stop after you finish walking.

    ChrisIceBox: I dunno what happened, but the Camera issue suddenly fixed itself. Also Cookie for you too.

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