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Spine, NavMesh and Adventure Creator - my struggles!

Dear Community,

I would like to ask you a few questions related to Spine integration with Adventure Creator, as I am struggling since a few weeks now and I do not seem able to make it work. @Ressie I remember you were using it, maybe you can shed some light on my issues!
The last questions are related to NavMesh, but I do not know if the "Spine nature" of my character could affect this.

I will just drop down a few questions, it would be awesome if anybody could help me out, or just point me to some reference I could use!

1) After the Spine export, I am not sure if I should instantiate the Spine object as SkeletonAnimation or Mecanim. I guess Mecanim, if I want to use Sprite-Unity-Complex, correct?

2) If so, how do you solve the problem of the Animation non-resetting itself? (this problem -> Every time a new animation state is triggered through the state machine, it is not reset, looking definitely bad.

3) Furthermore, my player does not seem to follow the NavMesh path, but is walking a bit randomly jumping around, like bouncing back to the starting point. This happens only sometimes (hard to reproduce!)

4) The player is also moving on the Y axis (like is jumping back and forth, if I look at it with the 3D view in the scene). This does not affect my game-view as I am using orthographic 2D Camera, but it is maybe a symptom that something is wrong in the movement.

5) Finally if I click close to the border of the NavMesh, the player gets stuck outside of if and the animation keeps going on as the speed parameter never goes back to 0.0. I can see that the character is actually "a foot" outside of the NavMesh, but I am not sure why this happens.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!


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    Hi @Ressie, thank you so much for your quick reply!

    1. I actually always thought that instantiating animations as Mecanim, would "bring the best of both worlds", as I could read on the official forum at this link :

    My problem with instantiating it as SkeletonAnimation, is that I am not able to use the transition between states, with comes out of the box with Mecanim. But this is just my assumption, and I would actually be glad to hear that I could not use Mecanim, and still have control over the transition between animations (I mean, these features :

    2. This issue happens only if you instantiate as Mecanim, but your suggestion of changing the animation itself is valid, until I want to use the animation transitions as mentioned above

    3 & 4 & 5. I know, those are problems related to setting up a happy character and controller first, after that I can work on them tweaking the parameters. I have to say that I did not encounter consistent behavior across my multiple test projects, and multiple sort of players instantiated with Spriter, Spine and whatnot :-\"

    If you did manage to make the animation transitions working, I would be absolutely delighted to put my eyes on your project! And well, I would write a tutorial on integrating Spine & AC for the benefit of the Community :D

    Best !
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