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Actionlist Editor favorite actions after 'Add New'?

I think it would be a good feature if when you right click on the background, instead of just "Add New Action" you can also can save some templates somewhere and select those most used actions.

Actually I'm making my own keyboard macros to do stuff like add a Dialogue Play Speech, Player checkbox checked action, and so on... so that's where I'm getting the idea, but my macros wouldn't be very shareable so I thought it would be a good thing to add to AC itself.


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    Like it, thanks for the suggestion.  Can't promise anything, but I will have a think about it.
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    For those with Autohotkey it's actually really really easy to add this kind of thing, and I realized there's full keyboard controls in the ActionList editor which makes it a breeze.

    For example this script for AHK makes if you hover over a new action's title bar and press the insert hotkey it instantly converts it to a dialogue play action, and checks the the "player" box for you.

       Mouseclick, Left
       Send, {Tab}
       Send, {Enter}
       Send, {Down 5}
       Send, {Enter}
       Send, {Tab 2}
       Send, {Enter}

    So simple eh? I tried making a popup menu version and that works fine as well (though I hate menus since I lose focus searching through them so I won't continue with that stuff heh) I'll surely be adding all the hotkey macro versions of things I want though.

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