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Moving platform

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I am trying to create an opening cutscene, where my character is standing on a moving platform that takes him into a room. Furthermore, I need the mouselook to work, so the player can look around, but not move and I have a couple of triggers on the way of the platform that should be activated. I tried to create a camera attached to the platform, but this way I do not get the mouselook and triggers. Then I tried to use second Player Prefab and switch Players and I got completely confused with all the bits and pieces of this method and it still doesn't get me what I need. It would be great, if someone could suggest the best way to approach this cutscene.

Thank you in advance.


  • You can use the Player: Constrain Action to disable movement, but the ability to MouseLook should still be present.
  • Yes, the Player: Constrain Action solves this part of the problem. Another one is, the platform moves (with Object Transform), but the Player stays on the same spot and after the platform is not under him anymore, he just falls down. How can I temporarily attach the Player to the platform? I've experimented with Unity physics, rigidbodies and joints, but I am very new to this stuff and it is all extremely confusing... Is there an easier way to do this?
  • Doing it through Unity's physics engine would most likely be the way to go, though I admit that's not my area of expertise, either.  You'll have better luck on the Unity forums for this.
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    I dont know much about this either, but as a start you could try to create a physic material with dynamic and static friction 1 (max value), friction combine set to Maximum. Assign this material to the collider of your platform. Look in the Unity documentation here if you want to know more about physic materials:
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