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ignore NPC action references if they've been disabled?

Trying to think of the smoothest way to do this.I have a sidekick character that I think it would be fun if they get into some trouble, then they disappear for awhile.

I'd want it so that after they leave, any parts they usually had in conversations are skipped. Then when they're back it could toggle on again.

I don't really see anything in AC that sets this scenario up though, so not sure how to simplify it.

 Seems like I'd have to set a boolean and add a check every single time this character does anything to see if they're present... which seems clumsy. Is there a way to just check it once at the start of the convo?


  • You could try using parameters to create an ActionList that contains a Dialogue: Play speech Action for the NPC in question, in which the speech text is linked to a String parameter.  A Variable: Check Action before it could be used, as you suggested, to work out if it should play - the difference here is that you'd only need to do this once.

    You could then call this ActionList using the ActionList: Run Action whenever you need the NPC to speak.  The Action would allow you to enter in the speech text as the String parameter.
  • Ah ha that seems to work pretty good, thanks. Although I was having some weird little issue where it would sometimes stall after returning to the cutscene convo for reasons I could not figure out, but after enough fiddling I seem to have a working model of it now.
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