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PlayMaker - is it worth the trouble if you're comfortable with C# coding?

Hi all,

I'm at a point now with my main project where I need to get started on implementing AI for NPCs plus some more complex overall game logic, and I suddenly remembered that I actually have PlayMaker, which I haven't really used much after picking it up at an asset store sale quite some time ago.

I would say I don't really have any problems scripting stuff in C#, but PlayMaker seems to be really well integrated with lots of other 3rd party systems, so I'm curious if it would make sense for me to start using it for serious development work.

So, if anyone has any input on what they're using PlayMaker for (in AC projects in particular) and what the benefits over C# scripting are, I'd be very interested.


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    I find it works great with AC at this point. You can exchange variables, run an AC interaction from Playmaker, or a Playmaker state from AC. So they can work seamlessly together. You could make minigames, an array database of some other stuff, handle GUI stuff instead of from AC, character job or patrol systems, or whatever.

    I don't think there's any real particular benefit over C# though. I mean basically what it is is similar to the AC actions and ActionList editor, except it covers pretty much everything you could code for. It does have a learning curve in starting, and then more for doing more complex things, but overall it's quite powerful and for me handy. Whether it's necessary when you can code, I think is almost all down to your tastes of whether you want to work that way or not.
  • Hmm, I think I'll give it a try on a patrol system for NPCs - I expect it would be quite useful to have the visual feedback from the FSM updating in realtime for that type of thing.

    Thanks for your input!
  • @Snejborn You'll find that even though if you use playmaker ( which I'd suggest to do so ) you will still have some need of old fashioned scripting for more in depth complicated scenarios.
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