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Hey Chris -

I recently updated to Unity Version 5.2.0f3 - and with context controls - it seems the player is no longer detecting hotspots. Any thoughts?



  • AC is not yet compatible with Unity 5.2, and I'm currently working to fix the issues that it is causing.  Thanks for the report, I'll be looking into it.
  • I briefly experienced clicks not registering after updating to 5.2, but simply restarting Unity sorted it out.  Does the 3D Demo run for you?
  • I don't install the demos anymore. :(

  • You'll have to install it, then.  You can remove it afterwards, of course, but it's important to both compare the same projects when looking for a problem like this.
  • So I got them to work - but only if you stand by them for a second then the object highlights and is interact-able.
  • edited September 2015
    Does the problem occur in the build, or only in the Editor?  What did you do to get them to work?

    As this is an isolated problem, please give as much detail as you can.
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