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Oh no, another asset store sale!

They really are not going to stop doing this until they have all my money, are they???

But seriously, some quite useful stuff for developers this time.


  • I already have Dialogue System, but Scion caught my eye.. though I'm not sure I'll end up using it for anything  :D
  • Testing it just now. Looks great, but with the default settings it seems to be a bit of a performance hog. Lots of sliders and checkboxes, though - a so-called "tweak-o-rama". :-)
  • Scion is brilliant. Highly recommended! I didn't notice too much of a performance drain on it, though. Certainly no more than just the standard camera effects.
  • You're right - it's fine when you don't run it on a really tired old laptop!  #-o
  • @Eastman - does Dialogue System have anything that AC doesn't?
  • edited September 2015
    @Big_Cow, sorry for late reply, for some reason I didn't see the notification. I wanted to use it because it seemed a lot quicker to author dialogues using DS in comparison to AC's integrated system (which still takes an ungodly long time :(), and while that is true I just decided to stick with AC's system to avoid future upgrading issues (which doesn't seem to be an issue).

    Also, DS was quite early to use the new Unity UI, but now AC fully supports that, too.

    I think @hedgefield could provide you with a good answer to this, I believe he still uses it for his project?
  • no worries @Eastman, not a late reply at all! Useful info, was just curious, thank you :)
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