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Sound bug with a Draggable (sounds never stop from playing)


I tried to use a Draggable with a child cube. I want the cube to be "push" by my player. The game is a point'n click isometric game.

I used a dragstone.wav sound in draggable sound settings.

AS I test the game, the player push the stone and the sound enters in a loop although I retire the player from pushing it. I don't see any loop config and this should sound only while the player is pushing it.


  • This this audio clip assigned to your "Move sound" rather than your "Collider sound"?  Whether it plays or not will be determined by the object's "Min. move speed" value.  It may be that you need to raise that threshold, as your object might be moving, imperceptibly, just above this threshold.
  • Hi Chris,

    I'm trying  to increase Min. move speed (MMS). I see that if I push the block walking/running differs. For example, If I walk with MMS = .7 sound doesn't reproduce, for the same MMS value and running, the sound is played, but in a loop.

    I test different values and I pass from no playback to loop playback, (and depends on walk/run in some cases). But no one configuration allows "only playback when draggable is moving".

    I have no way to know how to make it work right now. I suppose I'm missing something :?

    Could this be a bug?
  • I've recreated this and it is indeed.  Please bear with me while I fix it.
  • A separate critical bug means a v1.48a will be out shortly.  This issue will be fixed too.
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