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Title Menu: Load/Options Menus

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So all is well and working for the Quit and Start game 3D buttons, just need to get the Load and Options working correctly.

I have the menus able to pop up, but the back buttons dont work on either for some reason, even when pointed to:

Menu Link= Title---> OptionsButton---> (Inside Button) Menu Switch= Options (Title)
Menu Link= Title---> LoadButton---> (Inside Button) Menu Switch= Load (Title)

Anything im doing wrong? Its the same setup as the GUI Title, and that worked, just seems to be the menu links that arent making the connection to the back buttons.


**ALSO** I switched over to Ultimate FPS and got em all set up, but i cant have a main menu that uses AC while using that kit because the player spawns in even when i use Engine--->Manage Systems--->Disable. How do i make a menu with AC that is able to disable the player etc when at the title screen when using Ultimate FPS?


  • When working with 3D menus, understand that the in-scene Hotspots are only replacement for individual elements.  The Menu Manager itself has no concept of what a "3D Menu" (collection of elements) is within a scene.

    Therefore, menu switches set-up in your Menu Manager won't work in 3D - but the bonus of this is that we have full control over how 3D transitions work.

    You have to handle the display of your menus using scene-based Actions.  For example, if the transition from the Pause to Options menu was that the camera moves from focusing on one to the other, use a Camera: Switch Action when clicking on your "Options" button.  In other words, you don't need a "Menu Link" for your Title's options button.

    As for your Ultimate FPS problem, try using the Engine: Manage systems Action to temporarily change your movement method to None, before changing it back once your game begins.
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    Ok, ty for the reply.

    I got the player issue fixed.

    Now to clarify, If i have the 3d menu at the title screen, and you click on the Load hotspot with no menu link, would i just use this setup?:

    This is the Load Hotspots Use
    Menu--->ChangeState--->Turn On Menu--->Load (Title)

    This is the Load (Title) Menu Manager
    BackButton Element--->Click Type--->Turn Off Menu

    Because, all though this works, for some reason the game will freeze for about 7 seconds then resume.

    Thanks for the support

    **ALSO** Just added the mecanim setup along with the UFPS and for some reason he only plays the idle state. When i switch back to AC First Person, the mecanim controller works. Any idea on whats causing this, or is the UFPS system overriding with the AC "Player" script?
  • That's the correct method, though I can't say why you're getting a long delay.  It could be due to another ActionList running in the background - you can see which ActionLists are running in the scene by going to your GameEngine prefab and checking Show Active Action Lists in the Action List Manager component.

    The UFPS system does takeover most things when active, but I've brought over basic movement animation support in the 1.35 update.
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