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Hey Chris - Have a few questions.

1. For some reason, I cannot see a list of my saves either in the saves menu or load menus. I even tried recreating the menus and copying the Demo EXACTLY. Still nothing. No idea what could be causing this.

2. In the character : Look at : object : With head : Characters look up in space - regardless of the position of the object they are assigned to.

3. Is it possible for the "IsTalking" Bool to only be set to 0 once the character is completely done talking? Meaning - some characters speech is broken up into multiple consecutive chunks - continuing that loop from start to finish. Instead of resetting the animation at the beginning of dialog line.

4. I noticed you had a menu button in the 3d Demo  that the player could click on. Can this same logic be applied to the inventory? Click 2d object to open inventory during gameplay.

That's all I have today! :D



  • 1) Do you mean in-game, as they won't show up when the game isn't running.  Check that the save files exist - when you save a game, it's location will be posted in the Console window.

    2) You'll have to elaborate on that.  The way your character turns their head will be based on their animation engine and settings in their Player / NPC Inspector - basically you can either use IK for automatic head-turning, or you need to define up/down/left/right animations manually.

    3) If the lines are all in separate Actions, then no.  However, you could do some fancy Mecanim trickery to delay the effect of turning IsTalking off.  e.g. make your talking animation actually depend on a separate "IsTalking2" bool, which matches "IsTalking" but is delayed a second or so when set to False.

    4) Yes - you can change your Inventory menu's "Appear type" to Manual, so that you have full control over it's display.  If you create a Button that's tied to an ActionList, then in that list you can place a "Menu: Change state" Action that turns on the Inventory.
  • 1) Yes in game - the save file does exist - and is saving the correct folder. users/Name/AppData....etc.
    Confirmed also in the console.

    2) I've been using the IK - which works perfectly when the player's head following the mouse cursor on hotspots. But when I tell the player/NPC to look at a marker - it looks off in the same place.

    3) Cool! I'll try that. Might solve another issue : where I would like to disable the inventory graphic on screen while cutscenes/dialog/conversations are running. But it blips on and off in between dialog lines. (Unless you have a better solution for this specific issue.

    4) Awesome! I'll give it a shot.

    Small question : How do you disable the lock cursor with ALT?
  • 1) I will need to see to this.  It will first be necessary to clear out anything irrelevant, so package up your managers, create a new project, import AC and your managers, and test in an empty AC scene.  If the issue persists, PM me the Manager package along with the versions of Unity and AC you're using.

    2) Post a screenshot of the Action involved, and check if Is instant? makes a difference.

    3) Well, you could always use Menu: Change state to temporarily lock your Inventory menu off.

    5) Remove the "ToggleCursor" input from the Input Manager.
  • 2) Here's a shot of the actions - I tried instant - same behavior.

    3) I changed the inventory to be bound to a key - as of right now - it just mechanically feels better. But what's great about the mouse over inventory is it automatically closes when you use an object on a hotspot. Is there a way to do this without having to manually set it up every action?

    4) I cannot for the life of me find this!
  • 2) Is the Player facing in the right general direction at the time?  You may need to dupliate the Action and use it to turn the body as well.

    3) You could set the Menu's "Appear type" to During Gameplay, but then it'd be disabled during dialogues.  Probably better to move the Action to turn off the Menu into an ActionList, so that you don't have to keep creating it.

    4) Find what, exactly?  The "Appear type" setting?
  • 4) The 'Remove the "ToggleCursor" input from the Input Manager.'
  • That was 5) in my reply.

    You'll need to back up a moment.  Are you saying that "Alt" toggles the cursor lock and you wish to remove that, or it doesn't and that's what you want.

    Mapping the Alt key to an input named "ToggleCursor" in your Input Manager is what would cause this behaviour.
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