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Feature request: Custom actions directory


I would like to keep my custom actions outside the AC directory while still using the included directory for the built-in actions. Right now I'm injecting custom actions into the actions list however that is a very error-prone solution. The right solution is to allow for specifying one or more action directories which is the feature I would like to request.

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  • Fully agree with Robin. I, too, have my custom actions in the general Actions directory and would prefer a dedicated directory for that.
  • OK, should be do-able.  Could you elaborate on what's error-prone about the current method?
  • Sure. My current solution injects the custom actions into the actions list when you invoke a custom action searcher using an editor menu item.

    If you forget to invoke the custom searcher after refreshing the actions list using the original searcher the custom actions wont exist in the actions list and that will most likely make the interactions that uses custom actions stop working as intended.

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