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Integration with Inventory Pro

Hello, are there any plans to integrate Inventory Pro with AC?
Having Dialog System and Inventory Pro with AC will make this a powerful tool


  • It's not immediately clear whether integration would be best coming from AC or IP - nor if it would be better to instead make it easier for a bridge script to link AC with any such inventory asset.

    Thank you for bringing it to my attention - I can't say for sure at this time, but I will certainly take a look.
  • I suppose it would require more people requesting this. I too think this will be great.
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    I have been looking into it, but I feel this is something that would be better off being done by a bridge script, rather than AC referencing anything in Inventory Pro directly - making it more open to other such assets, rather than limiting things to just one.

    AC's scripting guide should provide the functions needed.  The key one being AC.KickStarter.runtimeInventory, which provides functions to add, remove and select items by their ID number.  In order for inventory interactions to still work, any inventory items made in e.g. Inventory Pro would also need to be made in AC.  It would then be a case of creating a new custom Action that keeps AC's and Inventory Pro's inventory in sync, and calling it as appropriate.  Finally, you'd need to select AC's inventory items when clicking on Inventory Pro menus - again the RuntimeInventory script provides a Select function.

    More such functions can be added if appropriate and necessary, but - again - the intention is to allow AC to be bridged with any such asset, rather than only working with one.
  • Thanks for the elaborate expansion Chris.
  • Did anyone actually create the bridge script? Inventory Pro would be a phenomenal addition, specially for game hybrids. That would allow to easily have large quantities of items, coupled with the customizable screens and layering and organization and equipping, etc. I've been checking out adventure creator and I absolutely love it, its simple, yet powerful, great for games without a battle system, but my concern is that I want my game to have plenty of items (from cooking, crafting, tailoring), and have one or two stores, and seeing how regular adventure games rarely have you carry tons of stuff or sell anything, I was worrying managing the items and quantities may become rather confusing or inefficient, I was thinking of creating global variables to manage them but they might become too many and unwieldy?... unfortunately, I'm not a programmer... which is another reason I'm so interested in AC. Anyways, being able to use AC with a plugin like inventory pro would save me a lot of trouble and pain... so any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
  • I might take a stab at this actually but am by no means a very good coder. Agree that it would be a great combination!! Devdog has also released a Beta for a UI that incorporates a 3D model display, which I've been trying to adapt for a while, and that links directly with Inventory Pro. I have absolutely no idea if the whole thing could be bridged together with AC...and as they are nice to haves, AC is pretty necessary to my project. For now I'll just echo that it would be great if someone could share a bridge script, were they able to come up with one.

  • Any progress on this?  Thanks for any info or hints you can give.
  • I just purchased Inventory Pro. It has everything I want and I will be integrating it with AC. I will update everyone with my progress and share my results if I'm successful and the solution ends up not being too much of a kludge. If anyone else has any experience integrating InventoryPro with AC it would be greatly appreciated if you shared your experience.
  • Custom events might also be useful when doing so, which weren't available when I first posted here.
  • I have created a sandbox project that has AC and Invetory Pro in it. I can pop up an Inventory Pro window but the mouse and keyboard are still being handled in AC's event system. What is the best way to lock out AC to allow keyboard and mouse control by the Inventory Pro window?
  • Already answered my own question. I just have the AC inventory menu use the Unity UI in the scene as the source. The linked canvas is the canvas that contains the Inventory Pro window. Pausing the game in the AC inventory menu causes control to be in the hands of the inventory window until it is closed.

  • @spcmicro Can you please share the integration with Inventory PRO ?
    Thank you!
  • Hello, I was just wondering if any further progress was made by spcmicro to an integration solution for inventory pro? Or, if there are other inventory assets that are able to be integrated with AC? Thanks.

  • @tomtomterrific You can PM users from their profile page - that may be the best way to get in touch with spcmicro.

    For inventory pro, and other inventory assets, the principle is the same - rely on the provided Inventory events to sync up what the player is carrying in AC, and what they're carrying in the other system. See the Manual's "Inventory scripting" chapter in the Manual for a full run-down of all Inventory events.

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