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NGUI question, problem using AC menu for static GUI

edited June 2014 in Technical Q&A
So in AC, when I set a static ingame menu, it blinks when I go from cutscene to cutscene. Therefore, I'm trying to place static artwork using NGUI. The problem is, I can't seem to get the NGUI artwork on top of everything else using depth settings. This means I have various parts of other AC menus that just lay over top. This is probably just a really simple fix that I'm overlooking, so...

1. Can the AC menu be prevented from blinking or reloading in between every cutscene?
2. How can I get the AC menu to remain behind the NGUI art?


  • I'll need to see your Menu that's blinking - not sure what you mean exactly.  Could you post a shot of the menu, and it's settings in the Menu Manager?
  • Well, geez. I just went to go make it happen again and it has resolved itself?!? I updated, so maybe the update fixed it. Or, more likely, I suffered from a brief lapse of idiocy. It works perfectly now.
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