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Dialogue list - icon and text option

I am trying to create a second interaction menu, that as the ability to input icons in a more easy fashion - to create an array of graphic choices/buttons

currently we have to pre-create interaction icons to use then in the interaction properties

Since i have hundreds of graphics i want to use, it would be very bad to add so many icons to the cursor options

I was sucessfull creating such interaction with the conversation menu and dialogue list

and i can use icon slots to create my graphic interactions, but i would need a graphic + text option so i can add text to my graphic options

Is there any way to do that currently?

either having more freedom with the interaction menus or more options with dialogue list

or at least to have a tooltip that i could see on mouse over graphic


  • The label of a Dialogue option is shown automatically if you hover over an icon-based Conversation.  Is that not what you're looking for in your last line?
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