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Custom turn character (2D)

I haven't more knowledge of programming . I know there is option ' Turn before walking ' and It's good but not enough for me I want make custom turning for get best result . Of course I know it's will be many situations and complex too.

I'm appreciate for any suggestion or help


  • Being a complex issue, for the best advice you'll have to describe what kind of turning you're looking to do.  It will require programming knowledge though, I'm afraid.

    If this is an animation issue, have you looked into using Sprites Unity Complex for your animation engine?  You can use that to animate the character as they turn, rather than simply play their Idle animation in different directions.
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    Let me more clear
    There is 2 parameters That I want put it into the my game (2D only):

    1) I want character or NPC play turn animation in the direction before walking . For ex character is in south(down face or front face) and we click in north . first play turn of 'south to north' and then straight go to the north.

    2) Also I want anticipation before walking.For ex character is in left and I click in left too . First, my character play a little anticipation ( like 3 frame ) and after that play loop animation for left walking .

    I don't know anythings of Sprite unity Complex. Does it solved problem 1 and 2 as I said?

  • Should do: Sprites Unity Complex is there for those who want to create smooth transition animations, similar to the 2D Broken Sword games.

    Have a read of Section 3.9 of the Manual.  It essentially allows you to rely on Mecanim parameters (such as turn direction, movement speed etc) to control your animation however you like, as opposed to playing animations by name.
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    Thanks a lot Chris.Broken Sword is same example that I want. I'll try it and write here if I had any question.
  • Sorry for old topic . But I couldn't accomplish custom turning with sprite Unity complex.I'm not good programmer . 
    I made 56 custom direction and now I want add it to engine. Is any guide or example for it?

    Thanks for any help
  • 56 custom directions!

    Sprites Unity Complex works by manipulating the parameters in your supplied Mecanim Animator controller.  Secion 3.9 of the Manual covers its use - though a solid understanding of how Unity's Animator system works.  You should watch some of Unity's tutorials on this subject if you're not familiar with it yet.
  • Ok. Thanks . I'll search for find a video in youtube .
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