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Bug: multiple icons shown in context sensitive mode

The manual states that multiple use actions are ok on hotspots even in context sensitive mode, since only the first one is executed. That is correct. What happens though when activating "Change cursor based on interaction" is that multiple icons are drawn. Only the first one should appear.


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    Correction: Two icons appear if there is a use and an examine interaction. Is this intended? It looks really weird and I would only expect the use interaction to be shown. 

    I will dig a bit if it is actually a menu that I messed up.

    Update: it also happens if I switch back the interaction UI to adventure creator. That one does not seem to have any effect in context sensitive mode, which is quite logical. 

    Update 2: I found it. Stupid me. In the cursor settings far at the bottom one can find the settings for examine cursors. AC works fine as always :-) The only learning I have: maybe "Display use icon" and the checkbox below should be on by default. It was somehow my expectation, don't know about the others here.
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