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How-to: context sensitive on desktop and menu on touch

I want to achieve the following: when on desktops, I want to use the context sensitive mode to inspect/use. When on mobile devices, I want to show my menu where the user selects inspect or the action when touching the hotspot.

I guess I can do that by putting 2 use interactions (e.g. take and look at) and one examine interaction on the hotspot. The drawback is: I have to duplicate the look at and examine. That is quite error prone as they do the same. Is there a better way to solve that? 

It would be cool it I could activate a checkbox in the use interactions that this specific one is the examine interaction. Or to stay closer to the current concept, have a checkbox in the examine interaction to select a specific "Cursor" from the use interaction list instead of defining it again. That should be easier to implement and compatible to the current approach.


  • The CS-mode Examine interaction is stored in a separate variable to the Use interactions, but you could think about transferring one to the other when a scene begins through script:

    AC.Button lookButton = new Button ();
    lookButton.Copy (myHotspot.lookButton);
    myHotspot.useButtons.Add (lookButton);

  • I think that's the way to go. Great would be if there was an input mode that would do that automatically. Having a menu for context sensitive mode on mobiles is I think something that is not so uncommon and could be really useful to others as well.

    I will watch AC if such a feature ever makes it in until I am ready for mobile, if not I will have to implement the above, but it's good to know I can continue on my path. Thanks!
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