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Suggestion how to make an interactive game map

Hi all,
I was planning to add an interactive map in my game that became big, so the player have not to make a lot of miles to reach some places.

The first time he have to reach normally the new places, but when they are discovered, I would like the location is reacheable using the interactive map.

1) I have to make a global boolean variable for each location he discover? 
2) And then, when I open the map, made with a classic AC menu, I have to create an ActionList when turn on to check what variables was true, so I can Turn On the right menus?
3) I have to create a specific PlayerStart (in the center of the scene) for when player teleport in that location from the map menu?
4) Suggestions are welcome! ^_^



  • I will be doing almost exactly the same thing for my own project, so maybe we can compare notes.

    I expect to start working on it later this week or next week.
  • Is the Player to appear on the map itself, Monkey Island style?  In that case, I'd recommend using a regular AC scene / Hotspots instead of a Menu.
  • Mmmmm... not a bad idea!

    The initial idea was an image map, without the player, with discovered zones clickable so the player will be teleported there.

    Maybe I can do the same with a regular scene... always with a high def jpeg map but with hotspots.... more easy... but I still have to check what zones are already discovered with an initial check cutscene and I have to use a global variable for every location he discover...

    Thanks for the tip! :)
  • Heya @2finger - curious if you ended up working on this?  I'm thinking of doing something similar and was curious what you decided on doing?
  • Hey @themightyzq
    Sorry for the late response, i'm on vacancy! ^_^
    Btw, I decided to use another method, instead the map I use signs... when the player visit a specific zone, a sign appear (maybe in a crossroad) so he can decide where to be teleported.
    If in future i will change again, i'll post here! ;)
  • @2finger - Sounds like a cool idea!

    Okiedoke, I'll do some research on how to do my map and if I'm successful, I'll post here as well!
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