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Deleting Adventure Creator from a specific scene

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Hello guys and hello Chris! @ChrisIceBox,

First of all: thanks for the amazing updates, I am not so much more on the forum because I was and am working on a cutscene. First I did this only with AC, which I must say works very descent but the only problem for a really big cutscene is that there is no timeline. So I just downloaded Cinema Director. The only problem is it seems that AC and Cinema Director don't work very well together. So I must delete AC from the specific cutscene Scene. First I want to duplicate the scene, which I hope is save? I was just worrying a bit if that isn't dangerous for Adventure Creator, if the scene is duplicated, I mean: I hope nothing will be deleted from the original scene if I delete Adventure Creator in the duplicate. 
But maybe it is enough if I just remove the objects from the diplicate I am not sure. Can you help me Chris?


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    I realised that the question may have sounded vague. So basically I would like to redo the scene with Cinema Director and remove Adventure Creator from it. But just in case, I would like to keep the original scene WITH Adventure Creator.
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    If there's a problem with running AC with Cinema Director, I'd rather know about it than try to work around it.  AC already has an Action for running Cinema Director Cutscenes - did that not work for you?

    If you want to remove AC from a scene in isolation, all you need to do is disable the GameEngine and MainCamera objects in it.  To temporarily disable AC in the wider context of a larger game, have a look at this tutorial.

    Alternatively, you can also use the Engine: Manage systems Action to disable all of AC's systems but still allow AC's ActionLists to run when you call them.  This way, you can call another ActionList that turns all of the systems back on when the Cinema Director Cutscene is over.
  • Hi Chris, thanks for your answer. I just updated to the new version which they released yesterday and I think the problems are gone! If there is anything however, I will report it to you, of course. So at this moment Cinem Director (as of version 11 feb 2016) integrates perfectly with Adventure Creator. :)
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