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Easily change NPC 3D model

Hi all,
recently I have changed completely a 3D model of an NPC and I would like to substitute the oldest one. It's already configured with the npc script, some remember script, a controller (different name but same command of the old).
In the scene I have a lot of speech lines of the npc and some animations.

Is there a way to change "on the fly" or I have to pass one by one the actions and speech of the old npc and point them to the new?

Thanks for the help!


  • Back up your project first, just in case.  Make the NPC a prefab.  Then make a new NPC out of the new model, but transfer all the components from the old to the new.

    In the case of the Rembember Script, you'll have to make sure the ID numbers are the same on both, so change Set to Manual and enter in the same number.

    Then drag your new NPC onto your old NPC prefab to replace it.
  • Wooohooo! That worked great!  \m/

    Thanks for the help!!! 
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