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Camera switch

edited February 2016 in Technical Q&A
Hello to everyone! I have a little problem! Im in first-person mode and I want to make "close_up" camera switch but i can't stay on that camera ("game camera")? Whatever I try AC after switching to "game camera" return the to the first person camera! All I want is that the player stay on "game camera" to examine the object and then return to the first person camera! Maybe I missing something?


  • Ok! I found a solution :)  In my action list and cutscene I changed  my Pause Gameplay to Run In the Background and now everything is working properly.
  • The recommended way is to use the Engine: Manage systems Action to change your game's Movement method to None after switching the camera, and then back to First Person after the close-up should end.  But then again, if it works already..
  • For now, everything is working properly! Although, I can try that way. Thanks Chris :)
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