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Keep inventory item on cursor after wrong use

Hi all,
I was wandering if there's a way to keep an inventory item on the cursor after using it on the wrong hotspot.
I mean, if I use an object on an hotspot that doesn't have any interaction with that object, the player says "cant's use here" and after that the cursor become normal, and the inventory item return in the inventory. I would like to keep it on the cursor.

Other thing: I have to implement a custom script to scroll inventory items while on cursor? If I select an item, then exit from inventory, there's a way if I scroll the mouse wheel to change the cursor image to the next inventory object? Every mouse wheel scroll change the cursor image to the next obj.



  • Please post separate issues in separate threads.

    The de-selecting of inventory items after unhandled events is done through the various KickStarter.runtimeInventory.SetNull (); calls in PlayerInteraction.cs, starting around line 960 (look for the // Unhandled event line).  Commenting those out will prevent this.  I will consider adding an option in a future release.

    If you want the mouse wheel to cycle through the active inventory, yes, you will require a custom script.  Use the SelectItem function to select an inventory item by it's ID number:

    AC.KickStarter.runtimeInventory.SelectItem (myItemID);

    A list of the items currently held by the player can be found with:

  • Sorry for the double question in the same post and thanks for the great hints! ^_^
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