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Dexter Stardust - Adventures in Outer Space: Night of the Hollow Moon (DEMO AVAILABLE NOW!)

Hey everyone, 

Jeremy here, creator and developer of a new point and click adventure game called "Dexter Stardust - Adventures in Outer Space: Night of the Hollow Moon" using solely the Adventure Creator asset. 

The demo is currently up for a free download (or donation) PC or MAC at

It's fully voice acted and has cinematic-like cutscenes.  I chose a verb-coin type interaction method (pick up, look at, talk to, use) with a classic style cursor.  

As this is the adventure creator forum, please give constructive criticism and let me know if you encounter any bugs or hiccups.  There is a one problem with the music not looping and restarting randomly across scenes in the Moon Base, even though I put the sound on "loop" and placed it at the end of the scene's hierarchy.  I even assigned it the same Constant ID manually on each scene it should play in, but the problem still persists.  It's slight and doesn't affect the gameplay at all.   

Check it out and let me know what you think.  I hope to do a Kickstarter soon but I want to get the buzz going.  

Thanks for taking a look.  I hope you enjoy!  

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